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Our Approach

When you choose to work with PTG Logistics, we become your business partner, vesting ourselves wholly into understanding the unique strengths, processes and needs of your business. So it's only fair that you understand our strengths and processes.

Dedicated Driver Force

We have stringent safety standards for our applicants and continuous safety training for our drivers. The superior safety record of our drivers is reflected in the competitive insurance rates we are able to maintain. These lower rates improve your bottom line.

PTG drivers act as a private fleet without the private fleet headaches or liability exposure. Our drivers know the products, paperwork, and procedures. This virtually eliminates claims and facilitates accurate deliveries every time.

We assign the same drivers to your account in order to develop a working relationship with your customers and serve as a conduit of information to you.

On-Site Management

In order to streamline communication, PTG provides a single point of contact who can supply real-time data and solutions.

PTG can provide on-site management to handle all day-to-day tasks specific to each individual account. Our management team is trained to handle all facets of the transportation issues encountered by our customers. For example, PTG will:

  1. Perform all carrier management tasks for every inbound and outbound load.
  2. Manage interplant transfers and assign carriers.
  3. Assist with carrier selection for overflow work.
  4. Participate in streamlining loading processes.
  5. We take a proactive approach and quickly react to any issues that may arise in order to meet customer service demands.

Customized Transportation Solutions for Every Operation

Each customer has their own unique challenges driven by many issues including their customer base, market demographics, or physical plant layout. PTG adapts the management and structure to best complement each location.

For example:

  • Consistently perform route optimization, supply chain analysis, and provide consulting and key performance indicator reports.
  • Provide "yard truck" coverage in order to free up trailers.
  • Establish off-site parking for extra trailers.
  • Secure alternate carriers to handle overflow issues.
  • Instead of taking a "cookie cutter" approach to pricing, we customize a pay for performance schedule.

Direct Customer Service

  • PTG management is involved around the clock, as we have deliveries that are outside normal business hours.
  • Our management team is readily accessible to answer questions or solve problems that are critical to each location, allowing you to provide your customers with superior service.
  • Your single point of contact provides prompt answers and resolutions to questions.
  • PTG takes a "hands-on" approach in order to develop long term relationships and ensure personal service.